Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants, fast food businesses, delis, clubs, pubs, and other food and hospitality locations have to work hard to maintain the right appearance. They want their ambience, architecture, and interior to be classy and captivating. In the food and hospitality industry, what looks good will sell.

Digital Signage boards allow restaurant, bars, cafes & restaurants operators to:

-Incorporate full-motion video into their digital signage screens, update content to account for last-minute product changes, make changes and update prices from anywhere in the world.

Digital Menu TV is a Boston-based company that can turn your boring, plain menu board into a hot new attractive display. Customers can easily have a look at today’s menu to find the best dish, without having to ask anyone. If your fast food business is self-service, or if you are running a pub, it is a good way let your customers place their orders without being confused.

Digital signage screens are connected to the internet, allowing you to use your web browser to make updates or manage your display. Our system gives you complete control of your display. Change your menu at any time and from anywhere through the digital signage software. Especially if you are a technology-friendly person, it is time to upgrade your menu to the next level.

Easy to use, easy to upgrade and update with internet, these digital menu boards can help you to save your time and money invested in updating your menu boards regularly. You can add a theme or personalised touch as well, to make your menu more attractive. Contact Digital Menu TV for more details on installation charges or anything you’d like to know about these LED displays.