What are clients say

I want to mention again I love these menu’s. I even had to change something yesterday and it was quite easy.


I am very impressed by the features og thier solution. We can easily display dynamic content such as images,high-res video and even pull conent from our website.!


Technical support is impeccable. Not only were my suppoet requests answered and made sure they understood the exact nature of my request to ensure that i was satified.

​​​Jach Ducct

The DigitalMenuTv team offer an unfaltering level of support, that is accessible, friendly and above all, paramount to the success of any digital signage network today and in future. Thank you DigitalMenyTV!


Digital Menu Tv Design is full of wonderful surprises and excitement and seems to have an exhaustless capacity for ideas in the Digital Signage Wold, Thank You.

​​​william Adee